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Randeane has also created
this lovely gift line of
greeting cards, meditations and
healing tapes, and
affirmation cards.

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Greeting Cards
- package of eight cards with envelopes              
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Price: $8.95 
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8 Greeting Cards, blank on the inside, with envelopes

These inspirational greetings send your thoughts of encouragement and carry the loving energy which created them. Each card has a different message.

A different message on each card:    
   Honor your gifts.
   Your lovingness shines from you.
   Understand, the beloved is you.
   Take heart. Honor yourself.
   You make a difference to the world.
   Remember who you are.
   Stand in your greatness.
   You are not alone.

Inspirational quotes from the book,
When the Trees Are Laughing,
by Randeane Tetu et al 
(c) 2001