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Randeane Tetu

About the Author . . .
Randeane Tetu

Randeane Tetu is a Melchizedek Master, Karuna Reiki Master, and Holographic Sound Healing Facilitator who has received national awards for writing. With blunt honesty, she chronicles actual experiences in what we know is true beyond ordinary beliefs and brings us into our deepest knowings, our most sacred feelings. Her books bring us back to our own power to see our own beauty, to honor our own selves.

In Randeane's book . . .
When the Trees Are Laughing
Et al is a collective of light beings which has the highest good of humankind and dear Mother Earth as its purpose. Listen to the words of these wise beings with opened eyes and opened ears and opened heart. Let them touch in you the feelings, the dreams, the knowings, waiting to be touched. Let them acknowledge with their love, the wisdom that is you.

Come to their words as to a lover for they speak of the Beloved.

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