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  Celestial Harmony
by Randeane Tetu

Celestial Harmony invites you into greater attunement with Nature and Spirit.

 We all have moments of heightened awareness, which sometimes we notice and sometimes we don’t. Celestial Harmony chronicles gifts of the ordinary and gifts beyond our learned beliefs. The experiences remind us to notice; the words attune us to activate synchronicities and confirmations in our own daily endeavors.


As these experiences engage your imagination, you expand your awareness

to glimpse the mystery beyond,

to embrace your intuition and guidance,

to celebrate your unique, irreplaceable part in the celestial harmony.


Your expanded perception draws to you more wondrous and affirming attunement with Spirit and Nature. You experience for yourself the greater field of possibilities which quantum investigations now confirm align with our spiritual truths.


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Rowan Lake Publishers

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Book Price: $20.00
Encouragement, wisdom, and
knowledge of our times.

Song of the Higher Self
by Randeane Tetu

Song of the Higher Self teaches and guides you how to transmute perceived obstacles using the art of transfiguration. Transfiguration is a change from being directed by circumstances to directing circumstances. The book invites heightened awareness and spiritual insights which empower us in everyday aspects of our lives.

Come into attunement with your soul memory and divine purpose as you access the divine creative principle, transmute perceived obstacles, and actuate your potentials of awareness, wisdom, and knowledge.

Rowan Lake Publishers

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Book Price: $19.95
A practical guide to discovering
the spiritual and healing power
of grief.

Jasmine Sugar
by Randeane Tetu et al


Jasmine Sugar honors the steps you take through a difficult time of adjustment in a world that is new for you. It sees what you see in sadness; it applauds your courage; it holds your hand until you see beauty again in a starry night sky and things that used to delight you. The poems acknowledge facets of grieving, the stories respect your stories, and the suggestions offer other perspectives.

More than a book about grief, this practical guide provides empowerment as it shows you how to make your way with wisdom and grace and the help of your angels, guides, and teachers.
                   "This book gently guides you on your journey of spiritual expansion.
                   By receiving help through this book, you allow grace and love from
                   the angelic realm to embrace you."
                                                                               Sharon Massoth, LCSW, CPC

Rowan Lake Publishers

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Book Price: $17.95
The Art of insightful
self-expansion for Spirit
Guide help, communication,
and wisdom.
(Book design & printed 
by Edward Ziobron)

Singing the Trees
..  by Randeane Tetu et al


If people could only know ahead of time – as they read this book, they open to a new type of self-understanding and insight. This book is a gift to all those seekers who seek and feel as though they never find. So when they open the pages and take a deep breath, let them draw to them the meaning of what is really being said, that they may continue their journey on this earth plane school with learning, understanding; therefore, strength and wisdom. 
– Gracias.
Joyce Orcutt, Medium and Healer

In Singing the Trees, Randeane has given humankind a guidebook to true expression of the soul. Through meditations, exercises, and her willingness to connect with her Spirit Helpers (her other selves), she leads the reader on a gentle journey with velvet words and muted vibrations that encourage and support rather than direct. This book is a journey into the Liquid Light of Love, that path that beckons you home.
              Toni Sar'h Petrinovich
                  Author of The Call - Awakening the Angelic Human

Singing the Trees helps you find your balance, discover your creativity, and enhance your awareness. This is a book that illumines your path.

Rowan Lake Publishers

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Book Price: $11.95
"You must understand the beloved is you. And also, you must not forget this." 
      - St. Germaine
(Book design & printed 
by Edward Ziobron)

Understand, the Beloved is You
..  by Randeane Tetu


Affirmations, prayers, and guidance from
When the Trees Are Laughing
In a size to carry with you for inspiration, guidance, encouragement, remembering.

There is a message of peace.
There is a message of love.

"The divine messages in these pages remind us of eternal truths and help us
to live each day with love and peace."

"Reading this book, you remember who you truly are, and you understand
that you are completely loved."

Rowan Lake Publishers

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Book Price: $14.95
Whether you are looking for inspiration or connecting with your own spiritual guides, you will refer to this book day after day for its wisdom and guidance.
(Book design & printed 
by Edward Ziobron)

When the Trees Are Laughing
..  by Randeane Tetu et al

You must understand the beloved is you.
 And also, you must not forget this. – St. Germaine

"When the Trees Are Laughing puts you beyond yourself and your immediate
problems to a better understanding of the world and your place in it."

"When I read it, I feel my stress level going down."


This remarkable, powerful, and inspiring look into worlds beyond

. . . Reminds us of eternal truths,
. . . Provides guidance for living our days with the love and the grace of our highest good,
. . . Shows us how to access our own deepest wisdom and highest guidance.

A moving book  example, guidance, and inspiration.

Randeane Tetu is a Melchizedek Master, Karuna Reiki Master, and Holographic Sound Healing Facilitator who brings her teachings and learnings
into this message of love.

Rowan Lake Publishers

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Book Price: $9.00
"Merle's and Marilyn's Mink Ranch is an astounding work
of fiction which evokes all of
the charm and magic of contemporary New England."

... The New England
Review of Books

"Tetu renews our faith in the good short story, in the evening well spent with a scrumptious snack, a glass of iced tea, and delicious reading."

...The Indianapolis News

Merle's and Marilyn's Mink Ranch
..  by Randeane Tetu

Merle's and Marilyn's Mink Ranch is a collection of stories about men and women who face life on their own terms, creating new myths and changing their realities to fit their needs. Tetu evokes humor and pathos, honing in on those small but critical circumstances that lead her characters to act decisively as their lives unfold in the small tight-knit communities of rural New England.

"Tetu's collection of stories is like a rich attic . . . full of relics, warps in time, miniatures, mementos, odd angles of vision, curious characters. You'll find it a fine place to spend an afternoon."
                         ... Elisabeth Young-Bruehl Author of Anna Freud: A Biography

"Tetu calmly observes a commonplace landscape . . . country roads, small towns . . . with the intensity of someone discovering how the logic of an alien
world works. Like Kafka, she is so inside her lonely and comic characters that she can be as detached from their puzzled behavior as they are."

                         ... Fred Miller Robinson Former editor of The Massachusetts Review

"(Her stories are) lean, lithe, graceful as a dancer . . . electric with energy, alive with interest, humming with evocation. Randeane Tetu is clearly one of our best story writers. Merle's and Marilyn's Mink Ranch is a book to take to heart."

                        ... George Garrett, Novelist

"Randeane Tetu sees . . . the most delicate shadings and nuances of human behavior, the kinds of things that we know intuitively but have never brought fully into consciousness."
                              ...William Woolfolk, Novelist and TV Writer.

"The lucky reader of these twenty stories will encounter an accomplished writer with a poet's eye for detail and the ear of a true listener."
                      ... Brendan Galvin, Poet

Papier-Mache Press


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Book Price: $10.95
"...when Tetu weaves language, mystery, and desire together, as in Depth of Field, a story about a stranger who repeatedly pulls into a couple's driveway and listens to classical music, the reader enters a dream world as encompassing and peaceful as a field on a summer's night."

..Library Journal

"...the reader leaves the author's peaceful country feeling refreshed."

...The Bloomsbury Review

Flying Horses, Secret Souls
..  by Randeane Tetu


With humor and pathos, Randeane Tetu's latest collection of short stories pulls you deep into the imperceptible moments that underlie our everyday experiences and yet change our lives.

Set in small New England towns, Tetu's wonderful ordinary folks, young and old, share a sense of the magic that comes from believing that actions reflect their very essences and can positively affect lives.

These delightful human souls remind us that recapturing the way we saw things in childhood can help us find our way in adulthood.

“The spare, impressionistic, and finely crafted stories in this collection build a fascinating, sinuous path to the final, title story . . . a tale of love and loss that, like the undertow, pulls you under, scares the hell out of you, and tosses you back up again, having learned a harrowing and unforgettable lesson about the value and challenge of life itself.”

                         ...Wally Lamb, author of She's Come Undone                     

“Randeane Tetu breathes life into all the people in these stories, especially the young girls caught in that aching time between childhood and adolescence. Her characters are so real that you will carry them with you long past the final page and come away surprised and changed.”

                         ...Robert Cormier, author of The Chocolate War, Fade, and Tenderness

“It’s quite possible that Flying Horses, Secret Souls will prove to be a better investment than IBM, and it’s much more fun to have and hold.”

                         ...William Woolfolk, novelist, playwright, TV writer, and story editor

“Randeane Tetu writes to us from where we live, but with this difference: she sees so deeply into quotidian life that she gives it back to us with the commonplace elevated toward the miraculous. There is no one else I would rather read.”

                          ...Brendan Galvin, poet

“Randeane Tetu discovers the magic and the mystery hidden at the heart of ordinary events-songs and sorrows and inexplicable, irrepressible joys poetically conveyed in a voice like no other. This is a wonderful collection, altogether worthy of the best attention we can offer.”

                          ...George Garrett, novelist

Papier-Mache Press

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